The best part of Halloween is that the Holiday seems to be a week long. Halloweekend is one of the most anticipated weekends of the year with the list of spooky and fun activities happening almost seeming never-ending. Boise and the Treasure Valley every year goes above and beyond to make Halloween special and this year is no different. All of the Trunk or Treats planned out are worth checking out but one building in downtown Boise goes above and beyond.

The JUMP Building in downtown Boise is hosting their JUMP-or-Treat yet again this year and all of Boise is raving about it. It’s one of the biggest events that JUMP hosts during the year and it’s always a blast for those who attend. JUMP-or Treat is happening the weekend before Halloween this year so the festivities get to start early!


What to expect at JUMP-or-Treat 2023

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Their JUMP Park is going to become a Wacky World of Wonder for a free Halloween Experience on Saturday, October 21st from 5-8 pm. This event is open to all ages and is completely free! The JUMP Park will have huge inflatables, Halloween-themed backdrops, and a bunch of Halloween decorations. Kids are encouraged to dress up for the night and JUMP-or-Treat in the park. There will be treats and goodies throughout the park so there’s more than enough to go around.

JUMP is even asking for anyone to bring their team or colleagues and come out to hand out treats to all of the kids who attend. Don’t worry though JUMP will be providing the treats so all you have to do is be there! If you do decide to help out they will provide hot chili and cider right before the event!

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