This week celebrates all the individuals who help run our healthcare systems from the cooks in the kitchen to the doctors in the emergency rooms. There isn't enough time in the day for us to thank all the contributing forces that help support saving lives on a daily basis.

We think of the men and women who staff these hospitals but probably don't put much emphasis on things until you're sitting in that bed.

I've unfortunately spent many nights following ambulances, sleeping in guest beds, blankets on the floor (not comfortable) and countless hours running to the cafeteria. I have story after story and hopefully, the only visits will be like the one I make to Saint Alphonsus this Thursday for a barbecue.

Here's a message from our good friend Rebecca at Saint Alphonsus,

"From Boise to Baker City. We want to celebrate our colleagues and appreciate them for all the work they do in keeping our community safe every day. Our goal is to recognize the compassion and care they provide every patient they serve and truly make it all about them and have some fun! Senior leadership will be serving colleagues all week by providing root beer floats, concession treats, and BBQ."

I can tell you from my experience that people in these positions have some of the hardest jobs ever. I lost my father years ago and remember the look on our nurses face when she had to break the news. There is no preparing yourself for that moment. One moment you're celebrating with the family and the next your crying. There is no rule book and people that work in these hospitals never know who they will come in to contact with. If those walls could speak.

Photo by: Kekeluv
Photo by: Kekeluv

I'll say on a much happier note that my son and daughter were born at Saint Alphonsus and our experience with every single person was just priceless. You want that experience to be memorable and it definitely was.

Thanks to all of the people that put on that badge each morning to cook us food, greet us at the door when we're frantically panicking to the doctor that has to break some hard news. How about a big shout out to the team that saved a life today or the nurse who took an extra few minutes today and caught something because she was extra diligent in a patient's ER visit.

Thank you so very much ❤️

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