Is there intelligent life out there? We don't know, but we guessing a solid "probably."

Believer or not, many many people in Idaho claim they've had an encounter with an alien lifeform, and they're most certainly not joking.

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See Rappers Who Knew Aliens Existed All Along

If you believe this is all a hoax, and aliens aren't in any way real, then how is there a book specifically catered to U.F.O. and alien sightings in Idaho? Explain that!

Just recently, a report was made about an unidentified flying object over Sun Valley, Idaho, and it sounds like it was a pretty scary experience. While these encounters are most certainly fascinating to read about, please don't think we're actually looking forward to that first alien encounter. Seems sus.

What do you think? Are aliens showing up around Idaho? Are they simply flying around and observing, or have they already acclimated themselves to our society without our knowledge?

Oh god. Are there aliens walking among us and we don't even know it? Because if so, there are some questions I have about that bachelorette party I saw out last weekend.


Are we prepared for if/when aliens actually touch down and want to party with us? Would we have to fight and defend ourselves, or would it be a pretty peaceful endeavor where just trade goods and make out and stuff?

What Would You Do If Aliens Landed On Earth?

Gallery Credit: Leslie Morgan


Don't go thinking you're safe over in Idaho Falls, either. While we don't have concrete evidence that aliens are currently residing among y'all, this right here is pretty convincing:

Video Proof That Aliens Are In Love With Idaho's Fall Weather

More videos of UFOs in Idaho have popped up on YouTube... do aliens really love the Gem State this much?

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas


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