We've all heard The Village People song "YMCA" probably a thousand times at every Christmas Party, wedding reception and maybe even on your own party playlist, right?  But it's not a part for area YMCA goers.

Meridian police are looking for these shady thieves, who have been stealing credit cards and other valuable items from people working out at the YMCA.  How do they do it?  Well, one woman is the lookout, while the other 2, go through lockers, bags etc... At least 2 of the alleged thieves were caught on camera...


(courtesy of Boise Police Department)

The pair of shady shades above were seen at the YMCA in Meridian on Hillsdale Ave, but may have hit other YMCA's.  You recognize the 2 in the photo?  You can help, call Crime Stoppers at  208-343-COPS.

If you're thinking, that looks like a target... you're right!  The alleged thieves went on a shopping spree with the stolen credit cards and spent over $4000, so far.  Just in time for Christmas.

Make sure you're not a victim of theft at the gym or other public places, where you might be away from your stuff!

Use a Money Belt.

Keep your valuables on you, but out of your way,  Wrap the strap around your waist, put your valuables inside, and you're all set. No One is really going to even pay attention to it, but you'll know your money/credit cards are safe!

Bring a Combination Lock.

Most gyms have lockers, so bring your own lock!  Combination is best!

You might have to pay a small fee, but reserve a locker.  That way, you know, you're the only one accessing it!

Use a Lock and Cable.

You can lock your bag, with your valuables inside, to something that can’t be moved. Find a pole or something similar, then loop the cable through and lock it. It’s not the best solution, but it's a good last resort and you're keeping your valuables safe while you’re at the gym.

Don't just throw your  bag into a cubby or open coatroom when you workout,  it's worth it to add a little extra layer of protection, so you don't get robbed while you're staying fit!

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