Even though temperatures have been well above 100 degrees for the past several days, now the National Weather Service has issued a heat advisory - this is what we should prepare for.


A heat advisory is to make the public aware that precautions need to be taken. Heat advisories are used to trigger actions and regulations such as no evictions, no turning off of power, charging outdoor work requirements and more.


What's so "funny" is during the hottest week of the year (and almost on record), our building's air conditioning has been out. I'm currently sitting in a studio with three fans running, in the dark and hoping the inside temps drop from almost 90 degrees. Someone send help!


The National Weather Service has put out an advisory that temperatures are likely to soar above 100 over the next two or three days in Boise with overnight lows in the 70's. The last time we hit 103 on July 8th was 1968. If we are over that by even a degree, we will have a new record.


Oh yay, the year of breaking records. Between Snowmageddon 2017 and now the Boise Melt 2017 (yes, I just made that up), we should all just stay indoors.


There are ways to stay cool and keep your pets cool even your home doesn't have air, your work is almost 90 degrees or you just can't afford to keep that air on all day every day. We get it. Click the buttons of the resource you're looking for.









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