We've all been wondering so many things with these stimulus checks: Do I qualify? Do I need to do anything to sign up for this? Will it come automatically? When will these be sent out? Hopefully, this should answer the last of those questions.

On Wednesday, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin told members of Congress that the first of the $1,200 coronavirus relief checks for Americans will begin going out next week, according to the AP. People who have set up direct deposit with the federal government will likely get their checks first. That makes me think.. do I have direct deposit for my tax returns typically? I think I do, but honestly I can't remember. I guess I'll wait and see.

On top of these stimulus checks, $98 billion dollars has already been approved for small business loans. But right now Democrats and Republicans aren't agreeing over the next coronavirus aid bill.

The White House wants to put $250 billion into a fund for small businesses, while Democrats want the bill to include the same amount of money for food stamps, protective gear and support for state and local governments.

All I know is I'm here for people being helped out right now. We need it.

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