It's safe to say we're all glad that winter is finally over in the Treasure Valley.

However, you can't beat the scenery.

Youtuber Nik Bukhantsov took his Phantom Drone (you can get more information and buy the same model here) high above Boise and the surrounding areas before all the snow melted off the ground, and the footage is astounding. In the video Nik captures the beauty of Table Rock, Bogus Basin, the Boise Depot, Stack Rock, and beyond.

If you're an aspiring videographer and want to learn to shoot with a drone like Nik did here, is a great places to start. We wrote a few weeks ago about a college course here in Idaho where you can learn to be a drone pilot. You can read that article here. Once you learn how to pilot your drone, you can actually enter to compete in drone races in the Gem State. That's a real thing you can learn more about here.

Just make sure that you're using your drone for good and not evil.

Recently a couple in Utah were arrested over a "Peeping Tom drone" incident. They were flying a drone near neighbor's houses and shooting footage of the neighbors in the privacy of their own homes. Thing to know, the law doesn't look kindly upon such activities.

If the footage here gets you excited, and you want to dive deeper into all things drones, check out everything we've got on the portable flying cameras.

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