Whatever you do, don't ask anyone "What's it cost to live in Boise?" You'll make them very, very mad. You see, the cost of living overall in Idaho, and especially the Treasure Valley, has been going up, up, and more up since we can remember. Trying to buy a house in Idaho? Good luck. They're few and far between, and astronomically expensive.

Looking to rent a place in the Gem State? Well, you may actually be in luck, believe it or not. We couldn't believe it either.

Rental prices in Boise dropped almost 3% since the summer, and that isn't unusual, according to Rob Warnock, a senior research associate at Apartment List:

November is usually when rents fall the fastest. This year is no exception; prices nationwide dropped 1% this month, capping a second consecutive slow winter for the rental market.


If historical seasonal patterns hold, rent growth should heat up once again in early 2024, but a strong supply of new units coming online next year should moderate prices a bit.

As of the writing of this article, the median monthly rent in Boise is around $1,066 for a one-bedroom, and $1,258 if you want to get the premium package (a two-bedroom apartment.)

Here's more good news: Currently, Boise's median rental price is 4.4% lower than the national average!

Perhaps you're looking for something a little more...exotic. Something one-of-a-kind. Then you have to check out this historic home in Nampa. Although, we're pretty sure it'd cost a little more than $1,066 a month to live here!

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