Will Boise schools have an earlier start than planned? Not if this local business has anything to do with it (also the kids aren't so stoked to start early). It's a legit concern. 

School starts in the West Ada School District starts August 23rd. The Boise School District is slated to start on August 22 but that could change to August 15th - next year.

At first, I thought that things were changing immediately and thoughts of school supplies and first day of school outfits were running through my mind and I started to stress out.

However, this decision impacts many of our local businesses for the worst. Wahooz and Roaring Springs are not about the early start because it removes kids from the water park during the hottest days of summer. Their staffing will also take a hit, as this is a summer job for many of their employees. Furthermore, the Western Idaho Fair would also be expected to have a lower attendance.

So why make the change? The Boise School District superintendent says that if school starts early, it would mean that students would be out before Memorial Day weekend.

West Ada proposed an early start date and sent out a survey that was returned with a bunch of "no thank you" responses from parents and businesses.

Be ready to speak up before or in October when decisions for the 2018-2019 calendar year.

Let's talk about the fun stuff. What was your favorite school supply item to get? Comment below.

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