There's nothing left but a huge crater in the ground, damage to homes nearby, one dead and another who was airlifted to the hospital.  This was a huge explosion that took place this afternoon (Sunday) and it leaves people wondering why, what, and how could this happen?

KTVB reported the story around 6 o'clock and it's since been updated but we still have very little information.  Speculation is that this was some kind of propane type of explosion.  That's what the city of McCall is saying...

No information yet on the two occupants of this home.  We don't know if they owned the home, currently reside in the home, or if there was some other type of arrangement.  All we know is that one of the occupants was pronounced dead immediately and the other was airlifted to a hospital.  We're hoping for the best but have no information on the condition of whoever was flown to the hospital.

The McCall Fire Department along with other authorities are currently investigating.  We'll keep you posted.

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