What I'm about to share with you will not make fans of President Trump very happy. Yes, President Trump was a one-of-a-kind politician who changed this country's political dynamic forever. The former president continues to be an influencer in primary politics across the country.

However, in Idaho, the headlines read something to the effect of the 'Trump candidate' losing the primary challenge. President Trump had an opportunity to stand behind his endorsement of Lieutenant Governor Janice McGeachin. Instead, he went all-in supporting a tv host turned Republican Pennsylvania candidate Doctor Oz.

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President Trump recorded robocalls, took the airwaves, and used every ounce of influence to get Oz elected in the commonwealth. He chose to give the Gem State the Heisman, which is disappointing. His supporters will say that other states are more critical than Idaho. I disagree; if the president didn't have the time to support his candidate, he should've withheld his endorsement.

What is a Trump appearance and support worth in a Republican Primary? Ten points? Twenty points? Idahoans will never know because they're punished for being too Republican. It's troubling to see how much support good ole Doctor Oz received in Pennslyvania.

The Trump endorsement of Janice McGeachin is not accurately reflecting his influence on Idaho politics. ? The election may be over, but the disappointment over the president's lack of support continues to resonate in our minds wondering 'what if' alas, we will never know just how powerful Donald Trump's influence in Idaho politics would've been during this year's primary.

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