The Pandemic has wreaked havoc on so many different areas of our lives and even created shortages of toilet paper, mason jars and now ketchup. Think about it for a second and you will realize that ketchup is the all-American sauce. We put it on Hamburgers, Hot dogs, French fries, Sloppy joe's and some even put it on Meatloaf. Why is there a Ketchup shortage? The pandemic has created an increased demand on restaurants to provide individual ketchup packets. The number of delivery and take out orders have skyrocketed since the pandemic put a stop to dine-in orders. We've gotten to the point where a ketchup packet shortage has become a thing.

The Kraft Heinz Company, which produces the lions share of ketchup for the U.S. retail market stated in an email that they would be "adding 25 percent of manufacturing capacity, amounting to 12 billion ketchup packets a year. They believe that this move could help with the shortage.

"There's a lot of tomatoes in the world and certainly the processing plants are on call," said Darren Tristano, who runs a food and beverage industry analytics firm, Foodservice Results in a wkrc interview. "There are options for operators. They can use private label ketchup from distributors like U.S. Foods and Sysco. There are other brands, like Hunt and Red Gold, that can provide these options."

How is Boise dealing with the Ketchup shortage? If you're a local or have been here for any amount of time you already know the answer is Fry Sauce. Fry Sauce is an Idaho thing and as a result we don't use as much ketchup. Rest easy Idahoan's while the majority of the country continues to stress about about the ketchup shortage we will be enjoying our fries with sauce.


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