This is a story that is probably good for Idaho in the long run, but it's bizarre. We usually hear stories about things (mostly humans and new businesses) coming in to Idaho, so this is definitely out of the ordinary for the Gem State.

The Federal Government openly admitted earlier this week to transporting a lot of mixed radioactive waste to both Nevada and New Mexico for disposal.


You read that correctly. The government moved about 13,600 cubic meters of the stuff that was sitting at the Idaho National Laboratory over state lines and it's no longer our problem. How much is 13,600 of radioactive waste? About enough to completely fill up five swimming pools. The Olympic sized ones, to be exact.

This isn't something that just happened. According to their claim, the Federal Government says this has been going on since 2009.

U.S. Rep. Dina Titus of Nevada is obviously not happy about her state receiving a boat-load of toxic junk:

Nevada is not America’s dumping ground.

A spokesman for the Energy Department retorted by saying after more than 32,000 shipments of waste, not a single one has had any release of contamination.

Which all sounds good and great until Nevada has a zombie outbreak. Trust us when we say that you do not want Nevada zombies invading the great state of Idaho. We could most likely deal with Washington zombies or Oregon zombies, but the undead from Nevada are another thing entirely.

They want your brains. And to hit the jackpot on that Wild Buffalo slot machine. Deadly combination.

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