The stay at home order has obviously changed the way we go about everything. For example we've gone from having close to 100 people at the radio station at any given time to a maximum of 10 today. We all have to wear a mask unless we're in the studio on the air, Of course they tell us non-stop to wash our hands.

Today I got a box from Amazon at the station and everybody was freaking out... " Don't touch it, it has Corona" They said. It made me wonder if that was even a possibility and how long the Corona lives on cardboard and other surfaces. Here are some interesting stats on how long the virus can live on surfaces from the New England Journal of Medicine.

Paper and tissue paper - 3 hours

Copper - 4 hours

Cardboard - 24 hours

Wood - 2 days

Cloth - 2 days

Stainless Steel - 2-3 days

Polypropylene plastic - 3 days

Glass - 4 days

Paper money - 4 days

Surgical mask (outside) - 7 days


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