The following statement is without a question the biggest understatement of 2020... This year was different. Life changed and we changed with it in so many ways. Some of us learned learned to appreciate a slower pace, some of us learned to enjoy being still and some of us picked up new hobbies while others just went into weekend party mode since working from home meant no commuting. Power lunches turned into liquid lunches and it seemed like every time I would call a friend they were hanging out having a drink during work hours.

Well.... Idaho just got it's alcohol consumption report card and depending on how you want to look at it we've done a great job... or maybe we went downhill fast. According to a ktvb report between the 67 state run liquor stores and the 107 contract retailers Idaho consumed 20% more alcohol than the previous year. Keep in mind that bars and restaurants were actually down 18% during this same period. It makes sense that as the pandemic kicked in we stayed home, stopped going to bars & restaurants so alcohol at those establishments came to a screeching halt.

At my house the drink of choice became Tequila thanks to the Paloma's at Amano in Caldwell. Once I tasted one at the restaurant I had to figure out how to replicate them at home, however Tequila was not the top seller in Idaho. in 2020 Titos Vodka was the largest selling brand in followed by Captain Morgan and coming in at number three was Jack Daniels. Congratulations Idaho... I think...

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