I have a friend who is a huge WWE fan. He always brings me up to date on the latest drama taking place on Monday Night Raw and all the other wrestling shows. As you sit on your couch watching the most popular soap opera created for men have you ever thought about how much money these wrestlers / Actors make for sacrificing their bodies and leaving it all in the ring? Forbes recently released The top 10 list for the highest-paid active WWE Superstars .Frankly I was shocked, how is it possible that these guys make millions of dollars? I know that not all of them make millions but the top 10 certainly do. Check out the top 3 highest paid and a little about the wrestlers cashing the checks below compliments of comicbook.com

3. Randy Orton — $4.1 Million

"Thanks to his feud with Edge, Orton has re-established himself as one of WWE's most hated wrestlers. He wound up losing a Last Man Standing Match to his old tag partner at WrestleMania and hasn't been seen since."

2. Roman Reigns — $5 Million

"Due to his immune system being compromised from his battle with leukemia and his situation at home (he has three kids and his wife is pregnant with two more), Reigns opted out of competing at WrestleMania 36. He hasn't been on WWE television since, and likely won't be for quite some time."

1. Brock Lesnar — $10 Million

"Love him or hate him, WWE continues to put "The Beast" on a pedestal above every other wrestler on the roster. Since returning in 2012 Lesnar has held either the WWE or Universal Championship for more than 1,000 combined days, and his latest reign just ended at WrestleMania. Whenever he does pop back up, it won't be long before WWE tries to insert him into the world championship conversation again."



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