If I could sum this all up into one word, it would be: PANIC! The stores are absolutely nuts, the bottled water is virtually gone and the milk and bread isn't far behind. If we could all just take a deep breath.

In a time where there is a lot of worry and panic, it seems like they are the exact times where great people rise up. I'm currently watching someone shovel the sidewalks (not their sidewalk) and listening to a snowblower make its way through the surface of the neighborhoods.

There are also the heroes at the stores. We're crazy and I apologize for that.

Example: Us at Winco in Eagle.

Us at Fred Meyer on Federal Way:

Lines at Fred Meyer

The lines were from the checkout area up every aisle just about to the refrigerated section with the almost non-existent milk.

A similar situation was happening at Fred Meyer on Chinden


It became so overwhelming for me (as I watched a man try to maneuver through the aisles and knock down an entire battery display) that I had to go somewhere and decompress. Heads up: You'll find calm in the bedding and towels section.

Tawsha hiding

Once I took off my jacket and let my body relax a little bit, I was ready to face the crowds again. It was worse than Black Friday.

If you were out with all the crazies (me included) and couldn't find what you needed, reports are saying that store shelves will be stocked today and tomorrow (Monday). Nobody panic! KTVB has a list of what you can and cannot find in stores right now.

In the meantime, let's all help each other and be kind.

Also, keep those storm drains clear and prep for ice and flooding likely.


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