It's only $50 to get a cardboard cutout of yourself that will sit in the stands in your place and when the season is over, you get to keep it forever! Here's how!

This is great! So you can't be in the stands at Albertson's Stadium this year for the Boise State games but you can have a cardboard cutout of yourself sit in the stands in your place. It would be awesome so catch your cutout on TV during the games and then when the season is all over, you'll get to KEEP your cardboard cut out!

Here's the site where you can pick yours up for just $50. You'll need to submit a picture of yourself and you can't use it to promote brands. My guess is that if you're wear BSU gear you probably have a better shot at getting on screen during a game though I didn't actually see that written anywhere. One of the great things about this is that you can show your support without having to worry about catching Covid!

Look, this is the 2020 way. When I first started seeing the cardboard cutouts during Major League Baseball games over the summer, I kind of thought that these were only cutouts of people in high places; maybe celebrities, media, family and friends of the teams. I don't know if that was the case but the great news is that us regular Joe's (John in my case) can purchase on for Boise State Football games.

I plan to get one... I've gotta get my BSU hoodie on and get a picture that makes me look nice and thin and send it over. Hope to catch you (and me) on tv during the game!

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