Every morning I get off the I-84 on Broadway and head down the hill to the radio station, and every morning I feel like Dale Earnhardt, Jimmie Johnson or Mario Andretti in a full on Nascar race weaving left and right. The difference is that they will weave to avoid crashing into race cars at 150mph and I'm weaving to avoid potholes at 35mph. Every morning I ask myself... Who is responsible for fixing these potholes and how can we make this happen ASAP?

According to ACH Idaho "The Maintenance Division consists of two sections, Adams and Cloverdale, employing more than 130 team members. This team is responsible for maintaining more than 5,170 lane miles of roadway and more than 810 bridges and large culverts within the ACHD's jurisdiction.

The Adams Section is located on Adams Street in Garden City and the Cloverdale Section is located on North Cloverdale Road. The Maintenance Division's responsibilities consist of pothole patching, drainage facility maintenance, pavement maintenance and repair, street sweeping, grading of alleys and gravel roads, roadside and storm drainage pond weed abatement, bridge maintenance, and winter snow and ice control."

Okay now that we've gotten to the bottom of that... Here's the good part, you can report your favorite pothole... yes that one that sends you into borderline cardiac arrest every morning on your way to work.  All you have to do is call these numbers or use this link to get it repaired. I'm calling them today and if you drive Broadway in Boise or for that matter any street with potholes you should too.

ACHD Main Line:
Adams Maintenance
Cloverdale Maintenance


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