There was a scary video of a girl who had become paralyzed from a tick bite. The reality of this happening is terrifying. There are things we can do to avoid becoming ill from a tick bite. 

First of all, ticks are gross. I don't want to sound immature here but the thought of a tick and what it does makes my skin crawl. The reality is that they are here and they are early this year.

Before panic sets in, let's just clear the air a bit about tick-related illnesses. It's rare. That's not to say that it can happen but the odds are low. However, it's better to be safe than sorry. At least I feel that to be true.

Paralysis from a tick is thought to be caused by the toxin in a tick's saliva. There are common illnesses but those result in a fever and the chills. If you are in the middle of summer and deep under the covers feeling like you can't get warm enough (those are the chills, my friends), see a doctor. This can typically be treated with antibiotics.

See a tick on someone? Barrier Pest Control owner, Kirk Dean says, "get some fine tip tweezers, go to the tick and be firm. Pull straight up with firm and consistent pressure". Don't use home remedies is the only "warning" they give.

Where can you get ticks? Well, bodies of water. Very much like finding mosquitoes. Ticks are around canals and places like the Boise Greenbelt. Check behind the ears, along the hairline and in armpits. Yes, armpits.

Don't forget about your pets. Tick treatment is a good idea to keep them protected.

Adulting is hard, isn't it?

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