Humans love the bean! This is one thing that I can't seem to get anyone on board with within our corporate structure. We start our day with coffee, live for our beans, and realize it's the difference between a good or bad day when missing your morning coffee. Putting it out there, KISS would LOVE a morning coffee sponsor as our office coffee is terrible!

I buy my own coffee every morning and I'm excited to finally have a place by my house versus waiting until I get downtown Boise. The Human Bean is open for business on Lake Hazel and Five Mile.

The coffee game in the Treasure Valley is real yo! I'm trying to think of what coffee spot was the end all and Java including Starbucks seems to come to mind. I'm purely speaking of drive-thru coffee businesses.

I think you'll always have your Starbuck's fans that will never deviate. This is Idaho though and we have some pretty amazing beans yo! You can tell by the number of Dutch Bros in the Treasure Valley. You can find the Dutch Mafia on almost every corner.

Black Rock Coffee Bar is one of the newest spots that is a hot coffee spot originated from Portland, Oregon. They have a pretty cool atmosphere inside and the one on Broadway is great for BSU students to get their study on.

That brings us to the Human Bean. HB's have been quietly popping up all over the Treasure Valley as they just opened their 10th spot on Lake Hazel and Five Mile. Human Bean is here to stay and business is obviously booming considering they just remodeled the previous nine stores. They have given their Baristas a fun and beautiful environment to work in. Definitely modern and Idaho feel spots.

I reported on this back in April while out for a run.

Take advantage of the Grand Opening sale today and make sure you tell them you read it here and take advantage of the Coffee Boss Sale. Ask the Barista about the BOGO deal! This sale is today only and location specific. You can get more info HERE.

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