Everyone on Twitter is fixated with this couple discussing their infidelities.

Whose side is the Treasure Valley on?

The heart-wrenching video features a couple sitting face to face, openly talking about the man's cheating habits while they were together. The clip was developed by TheScene.com. What is TheScene? They describe themselves as such:

TheScene gives you a front row seat to the worlds of fashion, food, culture, comedy, and more. Featuring the best original videos from more than 30 beloved brands, The Scene immerses you in stories that shape our culture, move our emotions, and give you a thing or three to share with your friends.

The video is a long watch at almost seven minutes, featuring Kourtney and Leonard fighting back tears while discussing the cheating that occurred during their relationship. She was checking his phone, he was cheating, she knew about it, she continued to let it happen, and he continued to do it. So how does Idaho feel about the lovers' quarrel? Let's take to Twitter to find out:

Who are you siding with on this one? Him, for doing what many men do because she let him do it? Or her, for having to deal with a man just being "a man?"

Jump on Facebook and let us know your take on #HurtBae. The Twitterverse is torn, the Treasure Valley is torn, so how are you feeling about it? Tomorrow morning, we'll discuss and get to the bottom of this epic Twitter battle.



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