"What should the Secret Sound be? Well, we're giving away tickets to the WWE coming to Boise so let's create a WWE moment. Wanna?" This is the conversation we all had in the hallway. The result wasn't pretty.

We were all back in Kekeluv's office talking about an upcoming announcement. He sends us all this text:

Wwe text

Chris, of course, gets up so fast and sprints to Keke's office to see what the news is.

So he told us the news. Here, we can't just have a conversation where we find out news and then just let it go. We had to talk about it and then act it out in some way. Chris has been hit by a folding chair during a WWE match. Ask him about it the next time you see him. We all thought it would be a good idea to try it here in the office. The problem: I have no idea what I'm doing and was worried about hurting Chris. Well, looks like the worry wasn't wasted on me. I took that chair and hit him HARD!


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