Kuna is definitely on the come up as real estate booms 🔥You can't turn a corner without seeing new construction pretty much anywhere in the Treasure Valley and Kuna is no different. The latest hot spot comes in the form of Mexican food 🌯🇲🇽

Welcome to Enrique's! I heard from several people that a new spot opened but hadn't had the chance to taste test. That changed this weekend.

I've always considered myself a meat and potatoes simple kind of guy. I've never been interested in seafood even though I lived in Alaska for about 3 years. I grew up in Houston, Texas and I was about a few things

You might move Mexican food to the top of that list. We didn't have a lot of Mexican dishes for dinner but dining out was a completely different story. I can't count the number of meals we had growing up at Casa Olé 🌮 We also had a Pappasito's Cantina which was also one of the hot spots when I lived in Texas.

There haven't been many places other than Azteca in Seattle and a few spots in the Treasure Valley. Jalapenós just opened on Broadway and now have 3 locations from two of my favorite women in the world. That brings me to Enrique's in Kuna

I thought it was just refreshing to sit out on the patio, grab a drink, watch people floating by on the river, taste some great Queso and sip on a Modelo. I'll need to go back for more taste tests but so far - super impressed. I thought service from the front to the back was perfect and the atmosphere set the tone for Summer.

Side note: They have a room that sits out back surrounding a fire pot and that also seat privately inside. It doesn't cost to rent but you need to spend a certain amount to grab that VIP style section. They do a special brunch, have a unique room just housed for their Tequila. I couldn't get an exact price on bottles but saw a $50 price per shot on some of the favorites. They take Tequila serious out in Kuna.

I'm not getting paid to promote this business so my experience is solely my opinion. They didn't offer me free food or drinks. I took my wife with Lennox and Leo, everyone was happy. My son Lennox always say's, "When can we go to Mexico dad?" That's his way of asking for Mexican food.

I've attached some photos and if you're in Kuna this gets my best mark of 💋💋💋💋💋 That's 5 out of 5. Congratulations but that's hard to do!

  • Enrique's
  • 345 N. Avenue E Ave., Kuna, ID 83634
  • (208)922-5169
  • Open Monday thru Saturday 10 a.m. - 10 p.m.
  • Open Sunday 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.


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