Have you heard of La Cabañita Mex? It's a new Mexican restaurant in Meridian over by Jimmy John's on Main and people are raving about it!

Let me start by saying I love Mexican food, and not just in the cliche, "oh my god, it's Taco Tuesday, yaaaaaay Tacos" kind of way. No, like I actually really love Mexican food; burritos, tacos, fajitas, tamales (best when someone's grandma makes them, let's be honest), carne asada, fresh tortillas, the works. They have locations in Ketchum, Bellevue and Hailey but this location in Meridian is their first here in the Treasure Valley. It's funny because I just went to Jimmy John's the other day and because it's so routine, I must have been zoned out and not noticed this new restaurant in that shopping center.

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I'm in a really cool group on Facebook called Boise Foodies where people talk about where they can find their favorite _____, you name it; Mexican, Italian, etc etc. So I was scrolling through and noticed someone write about La Cabañita Mex, who said, "Brand New Mexican Spot in Meridian. Great food and drinks!!" Naturally, I wanted to see what others had to say so I turned to the comments and here's what I found:

"We’ve gone twice and really enjoyed the food and service. I had shredded chicken crispy tacos and a chile relleno. Both delicious! Freshly prepared food does not disappoint and great friendly service. We’re probably good for once a week having dinner there!"

"Nice! Been to the one in Ketchum!"

"Can't wait to try them. We have to have our Mexican food at least once a week."

So either people have tried it or they haven't but they're excited to... Count me among the latter because I want to try this asap!

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