Keke and I have had this debate time and time again. On and off the air. He believes they're together, I don't at all.

Ever since they released their hit collaborative single, "Señorita," Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello have had fans wondering whether they're real-life lovers, or just pretending to be as a sales ploy (which is what I've been saying all along).

Well, an Instagram video that Shawn posted in the early hours of Thursday morning won't do anything to hype the skeptics aka me--but it's definitely getting the internet talking.

Us Weekly reports that Mendes begins the video by talking about how fans have been saying he and Cabello "kiss like fish," with her adding that it "really hurt our feelings." "Shamila" then engage in an over-the-top French kiss where Cabello basically licks Mendes' face after he stabs her mouth with a tongue dagger.

At the end of the spoofy smooch, they burst out laughing--and fans and stars, including Charlie Puth and Niall Horan, seem to be cackling as well.

So does this really mean they're actually together? I still don't know. Because if you're together, who do you have to prove anything to? Why would it even bother you if people didn't believe your relationship was real?

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