Sweets aren't generally "my thing", but I'll dip for some ice cream.  Gelato style is my favorite, but if you have some interesting flavors, I'm down.  When I heard about the 2019 Boise Ice Cream Festival, I knew I was in.

Put these dates in your phone, May 28th through Sunday June 15th.

The Facebook event already has over 20,000 people interested in attending, but I can't imaging why?

Boise Ice Cream Festival is a series of events at that will be listed on both the Facebook events page or boiseicecreamfestival.com . The final event is called "The Grand Tasting" and will feature over 200 flavors of ice cream and other treats.  Other events include Collaborate, according to the festival website, will "feature the best local ice cream producers paired with some of the top Boise restaurants. On select nights you will be able to enjoy a FREE inspired selection of ice cream creations after your meal. The pairings will compliment your dining experience and end your dinner with a smile."

Other events from the site are "chef inspired" "drive up" and "explore".  You can check out boiseicecreamfestival.com for more information on those events.

Tickets are slated to go on sale, Wednesday May 1st.



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