We love our listeners.  We especially love our listeners who always take the time to grab us and say hi when they see us out and about.  Casey Landry and his girlfriend, Angelica, are two of those awesome people...so when they do cool things, we want to tell you about those cool things!

It wouldn't surprise me if you see Casey and Angelica on Shark Tank one day.  They're working on they're bringing a Thai style of ice cream called "ice cream" rolls to the Treasure Valley by opening Boise City Rolls. This style of ice cream turns liquid cream into ice cream right in front of your eyes in three minutes or less! The couple will use steel pans chilled to -30º to freeze the liquid cream.  As it freezes, they're able to use metal spatulas to spread it out and mix in ingredients like fresh fruits, mint, Oreo cookies and avocados. After the base is completely frozen they use the spatulas to roll the ice cream into rolls.

The rolls are made to order, so it's the freshest ice cream you'll find anywhere in the city!  Want to try an ice cream roll for yourself?  Casey and Angelica will be making them street side at the the Capitol City Public Market starting in June.  They tell the Idaho Statesman that they eventually plan to open a store front in the Treasure Valley and offer the opportunity for franchisees to open their own locations in the Northwest and on the West Coast.

They plan to keep it local by using locally sourced cream and ingredients from their neighbors at the Saturday market.

Want to see how the rolls are made? It's pretty insane! Check out the video below!

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