If you tailgate at Albertsons Stadium, there's a few vehicles you remember seeing every year!

For me three instantly come to mind.  One of them sits right up the spot from where my fiance and I share a tailgate spot with some friends.  It's an authentic double decker bus from the UK that's been converted into a Boise State fan's dream!  On the bottom is seating and a fully functional kitchen.  The top level has more seating, big screen TV and if I remember correctly a small fire pit. (I was tailgating, I had some beers and it was two years ago, but I swear I saw a fire pit on there.)

The second is our friend Jim's trailer that has a huge big screen TV built into the side of it along with some iconic Boise State memorabilia.  It's snuggled into the only gated tailgate in the stadium parking lot.  You may not have seen it, but I'm sure you've heard the party.  He's been known to have a live DJ or local cover band Pilot Error rocking that tailgate!

And the final one? Well, its actually for sale according to Channel 2! It's the award winning blue and orange tailgate bus.  Take a walk inside the bus and you'll notice that it's got some serious upgrades since it's days as a yellow bus.  The floorboards look like the famous blue turf, it's got two different sound systems and the ability to mount three TVs so that you can watch the day's other big games while you wait for one of those late Bronco kick offs.

If you're in the market for a tailgate bus, you can see it at Boise Auto Clearance on Saturday, March 18th from 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. Asking price? A surprisingly affordable $6,000!

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