A church in the Boise Bench is looking for answers after vandals defaced their building and destroyed church property. The vandalism took place at Iglesias Bautista Agua Viva (Living Water Baptist Church) which is located at 7515 W. Camas St near Cole Rd. The destruction ranges from graffiti to destroyed vehicles.

"Definitely don't know who could have done this," says the church's pastor, Abraham, "seems like teenagers based on what they wrote. I hope it was not a hate crime."

"We had the police take the report but it'll be a while for them to even find out who did this."

The church van was completely riddled with graffiti while another vehicle on the property is all but destroyed. Several markings were made on the church's exterior and some of the vandalism even extended to the parking lot next door.

The vandals even tagged the ground next to the basketball hoop and all along the fence which I'm told has had to have been replaced a few times due to repeated vandalism in the past.

As I searched the property looking for more signs of vandalism, I noticed that the back fence had been knocked over like someone had been climbing over for some time. That leads to a trail that then leads to a ladder that goes in and out of a nearby backyard.

I'm not exactly sure why someone would need quick access to and from the church with a two-way ladder but I can say it does look bad. Hopefully, that homeowner behind the church recognizes all of the graffiti and destruction just feet away and they remove their ladder. Will it solve the problem? Maybe, maybe not but it certainly isn't helping the situation either.

The church's pastor said there hasn't been a GoFundMe or any sort of fundraiser announced yet, but we'll be on the lookout.

If you have any information on who could've done this, contact Boise Police Department at (208) 377-6790.

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