It's of those things. You know, one of those things that every single person on the face of the Earth is going to have an opinion on.

The mugshot of Donald Trump.

The Mugshot Of Donald Trump

If you have yet to see the photo, it's here. And it's definitely something. You may be strongly opposed to Donald Trump, or a supporter, but we do agree that his mugshot is pretty spooky, right?

As often occurs on the internet, we've already seen memes in droves using Donald Trump's mugshot as the subject matter. Some poking fun and making jokes at the former president's mugshot, while others are claiming the photo makes him look strong, tough, and could even help him in the polls.

We're not touching either side of that one with a 20-foot pole. Don't ask us why we keep a 20-foot pole handy at all times.

Here's the thing: No matter how we feel about the photo, it's absolutely going down in history. This is the first time in America that a former president has had a mugshot taken, let alone have it available to the entire internet. Of course, there have been other presidents who've found themselves in hot water, but never before has a former United States president been subjected to having their mugshot taken.

How are you feeling about it? Is it funny? Sad? Uplifting? If you ask 100 people their thoughts on that mugshot, you're going to get at least 100 different answers about why that's the only correct answer. Let's connect and get your take.

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