Gas prices.

It's all anyone's talking about right now. At the dinner table at home, gas prices. Watercooler at work, gas prices. In line at Starbucks? Gas prices. You can't escape it.

It's even worse if you live in Idaho, where you're now paying more per gallon than the national average price. Buckle up, kids. It's getting expensive.

Idaho has seen numerous price jumps in just the last two weeks, with gas prices increasing 20 cents one week, then another 18 cents the week after. It just doesn't stop. If you take the time to do all the math, that puts Idaho's average price per gallon at $5.17. The average price for a gallon of gas across the country is $4.98, putting Idaho's price $.19 cents higher than most folks in America right now.

A spokesperson from AAA gives us a little more insight on Idaho's current gas predicament:

Every week seems to bring another gut punch to Idaho drivers and their counterparts across the country, and even a slight drop in the price of crude oil isn’t doing much to relieve the pain. At this point, we expect gas prices to maintain an overall upward trajectory well into the 4th of July weekend and beyond.

The good news is, our gas prices are nowhere near what they're dealing with in California currently. Their average price for a gallon of gas is sitting at $6.40, which is a number we've only seen in dystopian sci-fi movies until now.

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