Here's a mind-boggling question for you: Do you ever wonder what people wonder about?

Everyone here at work knows that I'm fascinated by personality tests and types-- people to me are so strange and the way minds work always have me curious. Typically, I like to know WHY people do the annoying things they do--and then reflect on myself to realize why they annoy me, but not others.

Well-- maybe that's too deep of an example. But when you've got a question, I'm willing to bet a lot of us go to the same place for the answer...GOOGLE.

AT&T All Home Connections got together and compiled, for every state, the most popular "Why do___" questions on Google.  Idaho's is far from what you would probably expect.

The results? "Why do men have nipples?"

This is no joke. To see the full list of states and their results, click HERE.

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