When one thinks of Idaho, certain images come to mind.


Boise State Football.

The Foothills.

When one thinks of Idaho, certain images don't (typically) come to mind. You know, like someone eating another human being. Well, that's where we're at in the news cycle.

A 40-year-old man in Bonner County, James David Russell, is facing the hammer of justice for murdering a 70-year-old man. Without getting too graphic, at the crime scene, police observed details on the victim's body that would support the possibility of cannibalism at play.

Why was the victim murdered? According to reports, Russell believed he could "cure his brain" by enjoying a nice tasty treat in the form of another human. No word yet on if his brain has been fixed.

Unfortunately, officials weren't able to muster up enough evidence to charge Russell with cannibalism. However, again due to the grotesque remains of the victim, he may also be charged with 'mayhem.' Which is an actual crime, by the way.

If you're waiting to hear how this epic tale of woe comes to an end, Russell is scheduled to have a date with the district court on June 21st. Let's hope he can hold his appetite until then.

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