People are moving here faster than we can build homes, the weather is perfection with all four seasons, the people are nicer than anywhere else and the cost of living is extremely reasonable. What do we have the most of over every other state? 

Do we have the most people who brag on social media? Nope, that's saved for California. Illinois has the most people who tip (yay you). If it's Thanksgiving time and you're looking for turkeys, look no further than Minnesota. Even though we have our fair share of colleges, we do not have the highest student debt. We'll leave that to New Hampshire.

What does Idaho have the most of? We've got the most minimum wage workers.

Minimum wage in Idaho is currently $7.25. Also, this hasn't changed since 2014. It's virtually impossible to live on that sort of income if you have just one job. Assuming the minimum wage comes from working 29 hours (part time), we've got ourselves a little issue here. Little as in, HOW IN THE HECK CAN WE AFFORD ANYTHING?

How much does it cost to live in Boise? Let's start there.


I wasn't planning on stepping up on a soapbox here but if Idaho has the most minimum wage workers, we should make sure we have lots of opportunities available OR bumping up that pay.

Just for reference, the minimum wage in states around us is significantly more and could really make life a bit more comfy for us.

  • Washington: $11.00
  • Oregon: $9.75
  • Wyoming: $5.15
  • Montana: $8.15
  • Nevada: $8.25
  • Utah: $7.25

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