We're honestly blown away that this is a story we're writing about in the year 2023.

Numerous students at a Salmon School District high school in Idaho have had disciplinary action taken against them. What they were caught doing is beyond what you'd expect of a simple high school "prank."

A photo made its way around Instagram featuring the students in question. In the picture, one student is laying on the ground, while the rest are lined up above them making obscene hand gestures. That's not the worst part.

Spelled out on the students' t-shirts was the n-word. In plain sight. In 2023.

According to sources, the students were brought in for punishment within two hours of the discovery of the photo by school officials. No word yet on how long the photo remained on the social media platform before it was discovered and eventually taken down.

Dr. Troy Easterday, the superintendent of Salmon School District, addressed the controversy and says steps are being taken to hopefully prevent another similar incident from occurring in the future:

We will be educating our student body on this. We are actually going to be bringing in a group from the Wassmuth Center for Human Rights Education to talk to our student population. This is not typical incident.

Parents are obviously outraged, with one going as far to say the photo was "disgusting and a hate crime."


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