We'd love to tell you that what you're about to read is friendly, inclusive, and overall positive vibe. However, we can't in good conscience attempt to make you believe that.

This isn't a nice move at all.

On Monday, Idaho House Republicans voted to block taxpayer's money from even coming close to funding gender-affirming care. And not for underage Idaho youth, we're talking about grown adults here.

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Why are Idaho Republicans so hellbent on making sure transgender folks in Idaho can't get the help they need? According to Rep. Julianne Young, it's because of the "controversy" surrounding said care:

Taxpayers shouldn’t be required to pay for procedures, treatments and surgeries, which are controversial at best.


On the other side of things, Democratic Rep. Todd Achilles believes everyone has a right to healthcare, regardless of if they're transgender or not:

Nobody is asking you to embrace the community or to further that lifestyle. That’s their decision. But that’s fundamental, I think, to how we live as Idahoans is to respect people making that decision.


If you're reading this while planning to relocate to Idaho, but are worried about how you'll be received as a LGBT+ person, here's a list of some of the most LGBT+friendly cities in Idaho, where we believe you'll be embraced with open arms.

And if you're not, let us know. We don't kindly to people not taking kindly to people 'round these here parts.

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