His name is Flip-Flop and not only is he adorable, but he's up for adoption. On the Idaho Humane Society's Facebook page, the shelter posted that they've began to house this friendly little mallard and he's looking for a good home.

If you watch the video, he's clearly the friendliest duck you could ever meet--he even lets you pet him! Something about bringing this guy home to my cat doesn't feel ideal--but perhaps you're in the market for  Flip Flop?

According to the humane society, ducks need to live in community so ideally, whoever adopts Flip-Flop will already have some ducks at their place. You can see more about him, HERE.

Of course, if a duck isn't on your radar..perhaps another animal is? The Idaho Humane Society has tons of cats, dogs, and more looking for forever homes. You may as well stop by and pay them a visit anyway!

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