I make no secret of it-- adopting my cat Piccolo was the best thing I've ever done. Now that she's six years old, she's become my partner over the years and coming home to anything less than her anxiously waiting for me would be the worst thing ever! You can see a photo of her from when I first adopted her, above.  In my humble opinion, if you've ever considered or are currently considering bringing a pet home...this might be the time and a little kitten is the right choice!

All of this said, tomorrow, Friday, October 18th is THE day to adopt a little kitten and bring them into your loving household! The event is simply called #FreeFriday and adoption fees are waived for cats younger than 6 months. Normally, adoption fees for kittens is over $80. This is such a fun time to adopt, not only because kittens are the most adorable creatures to ever walk the surface of the earth, but because when they're so young it's super easy to train them and make them behave by house rules. When I hear stories about how crazy some of my friends' cats can be, I am quickly thankful I trained my cat, Piccolo, when and how I did.

Before you leave Simply Cats with your new kitten, they'll make sure you know everything you should and have everything you'll need to let your little buddy thrive!

You can learn more about Simply Cats, HERE.


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