The great state of Idaho is a great place to raise a family, further your career, or lose your entire life savings trying to buy a house. However, it's not so great if you just so happen to be female.

How does one even determine which states are "good" or "bad" for women in the United States? Wallethub compiled a list based on a plethora of indicators, including:

  • Median income for female workers
  • % of women-owned businesses
  • High school graduation rate for women
  • Women's life expectancy

Let's see how our neighbors did before we cover the Gem State.

California was ranked #17, Oregon #19, and Washington ranked rather high, taking the #9 spot overall.

Idaho performed. Terribly, but we performed.

According to Wallethub's numbers, Idaho is the 45th best place in the country for women to call home, making it one of the (worst according to this list).

Idaho actually scored lowest in the country for female median income and 49th in the country for women-owned businesses.

While this isn't welcome news for Idahoans, mayhap we can use this information to our advantage. Couldn't we convince Californians that Idaho is terrible for women, and therefore no one should be moving here? They're a simple people in California, they'll believe it, right?

Either way, we're believers in equality, and hope that Idaho can propel its women forward and be a great place for everyone to live, regardless of gender.

Except for Californians. We really can't say it enough. Try North Dakota.

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