Covid is has created a significant migration in our country and around the world. We've seen thousands, if not millions, of people, migrate from big cities to smaller towns. Remote workers are the newest craze as most folks have begun to choose the quality of life over the hustle and bustle of the big cities.  

Idaho has seen its share of the growth, becoming the fastest-growing state in the union. Now one Idaho city has been dubbed 'America's Hottest Job Market.' A new report by reports that Boise is the hottest job market. The Idaho Capitol says a ninety-four percent increase in workers from the previous year.  

Remote Jobs in Boise Hiring Now

The report states that areas where remote workers can work from home have seen the most growth. In contrast, larger metros have not recovered from pre-pandemic levels. The migration of more people to Boise and Idaho has increased home prices at an unprecedented rate. National publications have recognized Idaho as another state which has returned economically to pre-pandemic levels.  

The 20 Highest Paying Jobs in Boise

According to the latest figures published on the Idaho Department of Labor's website, these are the highest paying jobs in "Boise City." That region includes Ada, Canyon, Boise and Gem counties.

The Deseret News reports that other cities Spokane, Las Vegas, Phoenix, and Austin, have seen record job growth. Experts predict that Boise and the surrounding communities will attract more remote workers. Tamarack resort has revived itself from a financial disaster to a remote worker destination. 

Employment in Idaho remains to be a challenge for employers at every level. Several employers have bought radio commercials and paid social media to attract new workers. Although some businesses have fallen, the Covid pandemic has been a boon to Boise and Idaho.  

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