Scientists: "It's global warming."

Some guy who watched a YouTube video: "tHaT's FaKe NeWs DeW yEr OwN rEsEaRcH!!"

Either way, it's hot as absolute Hell in Idaho. You don't have to believe it if you don't want to, but the facts have a few things to say.

The scientific fact in question? That Idaho just experienced its hottest August since the record began 128 years ago. Basically, it was the Gem State's hottest August ever.

Do you know how when someone in your office changes the thermostat one degree, and it drives you crazy? Well, August in Idaho was 5.67 degrees Fahrenheit above average pretty much the entire month. Oregon State Climatologist Larry O'Neill has some thoughts:

The real story is that we have this big cluster of years with temperatures well above normal. This is the kind of summer we're expecting in the future. By 2050, this will be an average summer.

Well, that's not reassuring.

Don't think the heatwave is only happening during the day. Washington State Climatologist Nick Bond explains that your not-so-friendly neighborhood greenhouse gases are keeping things sweltering, even at night:

This is something we're seeing more and more of. It's completely consistent with the physics. It's like we have a thin film of clouds even when it's clear. In the morning, you're starting off at a higher (temperature) level.

Looks like it's about time to give that winter jacket to Goodwill and invest in some nice, quality tanktops moving forward. Or just pretend it's fake news and wear a jacket. I'm not your dad.

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