It's no secret--here in Idaho, folks love to hunt! It's a way of life here in the State of Idaho and while we may take our wilderness for granted--whether it be hiking, biking, fishing or yes, hunting--people from all over the globe come to partake in the outdoor activities we have to offer.

A recent post online has been spreading like a wildfire--and it's something you just don't see everyday. Pictured is a Lamborghini (which you never see in Idaho) with a dead (and presumably hunted) cougar strapped to the back.

If you're used to hunting, maybe this sight isn't as strange or uncomfortable as it is to others. There's no arguing, however, that these images aren't totally abnormal.

Let's take a look at what everyone is talking about online...

Internet Shocked By Viral Images of Idaho Lamborghini

Have you seen these photos making the rounds online this week? We have verified they're real.

What do you think about all of this?

It's clear that many online are upset about the image--saying that it's disrespectful to the decency of the roads or to the dead animal. Others say that while they're all for hunting, this is what makes hunters look bad in the eyes of the internet.

Others think that this is just the coolest image ever.

As it turns out, there's actually a story behind the photos--and yes, they're real. You can see the Instagram post below, but the owner of the Lambroghini was hoping to give away a hunting trip to an outdoor enthusiast and hopes to provide some life changing experiences. It seems obvious that no malice was intended by the man behind the images, Will Alt!



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