A suspect is in custody after a school shooting at Rigby Middle School. A student has been arrested reports KIFI television. Three people have been injured in the shooting. One adult, a custodian, and two students are under medical care. The victims are at a local hospital, and their injuries are not life-threatening, according to KIFI

.Governor Little expressed his thoughts on social media.

Congressman Mike Simpson shared his concerns on social media.  


Senator Jim Risch expressed his concern with a statement on Twitter.  "Vicki and my prayers are with the Rigby community following this morning’s tragic events. Thank you to our law enforcement officials, first responders, and teachers for working to keep students safe."

Senator Mike Crapo urged folks to pray.  "I am praying for those affected by the horrific events in Rigby today. I am grateful for the service of law enforcement, first responders and teachers responding quickly to keep students safe."


You can view the student reaction in the video below courtesy of KIFI.

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