It seems like this is the season of brunches. We went out on Easter (or avoided it completely because it's nuts) and with Mother's Day this weekend, we're looking to find another brunch idea. Lemme make this easy: Idaho likes this one thing the most. 

Typically, when a survey is done, I always think to myself "did someone spend money on this research?" When it comes to popular brunches in each state, there was very minimal money spent because the information comes from Pinterest. Sounds solid, right? This is all happening as I'm searching for what to make for girls night tonight.

Pinterest is legit.

Before revealing what Idaho searches most for when it comes to brunches, can we please talk about how great the people of South Dakota are in searching for tater tots? Maine is obsessed with donuts. How about Kentucky who just searches "Bourbon"? A liquid brunch? Yes please.


Fresh Baked Zucchini and Cinnamon Bread
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Those of us in Idaho want to know all about zucchini bread. Yep, that's what we search for the most. Why? It's so good!

For those who haven't had it, no, it doesn't taste like vegetables. In fact, HERE is a recipe so you can try it on your own.

Do I put nuts in it?

Oh hell nawwww! What do you take me for?

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