The donut game in Boise is getting fierce! Or, is that doughnut? Who doesn't love a great-tasting breakfast treat and we just can't get enough.

This might be why McDonald's has decided to continue growing America's most important meal, breakfast. The gold arches will now be adding donuts to their already McCafé menu which is some new. Are we calling these McDonuts?

McDonald's Adding Pull-Apart Donuts All Day

Do you mean we get donuts all day? This is not going to work well with my diet which changes hourly. Well, that's okay because Boise's donut game continues to grow. DK Donuts, Guru Donuts, Country Donuts, Pastry Perfection, Krispy Kreme, Dapper Doughnut, Sweet Sensation Donuts, Duck Donuts, Hot Fat Donuts, and what did I leave out? That list keeps growing.

McDonald's will join the breakfast battle with some sweet glazed donuts on September 1, 2021. These are pull-apart donuts. It's like cheating on your diet and inviting others with you along the way!

It's interesting how we're seeing this surge in fast food because that pandemic really kept us ordering in. This also made businesses revamp menus to give us what we really want. Subway just eliminated a ton of things because the competition is just too tight now. You can order from Crave! right now that delivers menu items from Elliot's Oyster House in Seattle or the Meatball Shop in New York.


Needless to say, we pandemic kept us home in 2020 and it became easier in 2021. Albertson's just announced the FreshPass delivery service and this list goes on. You can get your McDonald's breakfast fix in the app for delivery or just take the family through. I can still eat those breakfast burritos all day!

So, do-nut delay! So clever, I didn't come up with that, unfortunately. You can find more from the press release that Mcdonalds's put out earlier.

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