I just wrote a very tasty article about McDonald's jumping into the donut arena of treats. These pull-apart breakfast menu items will be available on September 1 and that's when I asked myself a question.

Who makes the best donut in Boise out to Caldwell. What is an Idahoan's favorite donut in 2021? I was surprised, but not really because Idaho likes to keep it simple.

Who Makes the Best Donut in Boise?

Do you feel like the surge in decorative donuts is at an all-time high? It seems like a donut in 2021 looks like that onion ring tower at Red Robin. Just layers that every other type of food and you now have a modern-day donut.

MIck Haupt/Unsplash
MIck Haupt/Unsplash

I'm not sure why we've turned out breakfast treats into 1500 calorie meals but to each their own. Boise has seen a boost in donut places and that's why you might not recognize some of these. This is even more reason to drive out to Caldwell to visit Lonny C's because that came up several times.

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What makes a good donut? Is all that extra bacon, crumbles, and syrup? Or, is it just a great glazed or maple bar? I was surprised to see who came out on top and a couple I didn't even know about.

  1. Country Donuts on Overland - This was by far the winner from so many people that have been grabbing donuts for years. I feel like some confusion to taste changed a bit lately, but still hands-down #1.
  2. Sweet Sensations in Meridian - So many comments on this place for donuts and especially the donut holes. Sweet Sensations gets 4.5 stars on Yelp.
  3. DK Donuts - Locally owned and been here forever. A lot of love for DK on State Street.
  4. Lonny C's in Caldwell - People love Lonny C's and say it's worth your time for the drive. They will also deliver into Meridian from the posts. This is on my new Donut Bucketlist!
  5. Albertsons, Duck Donuts and Fit Donut also made the list.

You can read about McDonald's big McDonut that was just added (I made up the name!)


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