Idaho has become quite the hot spot over the last few years and whether we like it or not more people continue to discover the Gem state. As a result we've ended up making top 10 list after top 10 list. Congrats Idaho we just made another one but I'm not sure we're going to celebrate this time. With all the talk about kids going back to school in the fall analyzed the data from the National Center For Education statistics and found Idaho to be ranked number 10 on the most crowded classrooms list. This is their Top 10.


Top 10 Most Crowded Classrooms

Elementary Class Size: 23.3
Secondary Class Size: 25.5
Average Class Size: 24.4

Here are some of their observations... "With an average class size of 24.4 students, Idaho rounds off the top 10 of the most crowded classrooms. The state’s secondary school class size of 25.5 students may be further down the list, but its elementary school class size is what caught our attention. With an average of 23.3 students, Idaho ranks third for how crowded its elementary school classrooms are."

Growth can be really good for the economy but it also has its downside.


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