Idaho mothers are hard working, resilient, and tough - most of the time. Especially the hard working part.  KTVB shares information about a new study "Wallethub's 'Best & Worst States for Working Moms' ranking placed Idaho at No. 47 out of all 50 states and the District of Columbia. A gender pay gap and daycare issues contributed the Gem State's low ranking."

Many gem state mamas are changing things up and doing special things to help their children and spread their motherly knowledge with others. Enjoy as you read about and see what Idaho mothers are capable of.

An Idaho Mom Jody went viral with an HGTV Parody Series On TikTok. She was a guest on the Kelly Clackson show after she saw it and said the serious is all too relatable. The ongoing series on TikTok is called "Décor by Jody" and it is making mamas laugh all over the world.

@jodycarrollcomedy decor by jody #outdoorroom #interiordesign #beautifulhomes #interiordecor #designideas #parenting #homegoods #comedytik #makeover ♬ original sound - Jody Carroll

KTVB highlighted a mother from Eagle who made a big difference with a little book. "An inclusive children's book written by an Eagle mom gives kids with special needs the chance to see themselves in a magical story Heather Davis recently wrote a children's book inspired by her adult son with developmental disabilities. It's called "Into Justin's World"."

How can we forget about this gem on Amazon. "Mothers Knows Best - Wit and Wisdom from Idaho Moms will warm your heart and tickle your funny bone as several Idaho women and men recall words of advice they heard from their mothers. Proceeds from this book will benefit the Women's and Children's Alliance of Boise, Idaho, in celebration of 100 years of public service."

Idaho mamas are busy on the keyboard too with a lot of local blogs. Just check out this website to see the 25 Best Idaho Mom Blogs and Websites. Or the American Mothers website page under the Idaho tab, where you will find "Charity Haderlie, 2022 Idaho Mother of the Year."

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