Idaho ranked second for rude drivers... This Is B.S! A fresh pair of eyes provides great perspective and having only been back in the Treasure valley 4 months I think I have a pretty good perspective on this (not to mention that I'm a car guy, so I might drive once in a while). I have lived in California, Arizona, New Mexico and Idaho. I have also driven across the U.S. twice so I've experienced traffic and bad drivers across this country. The bad drivers in Idaho 9 out of 10 times have out of state license plates. I was just having this conversation ( which is probably why this irritates me ) One of the first things you notice when you drive in Boise is that people are so willing to let you change lanes, they don't try to keep you from merging and most of the time the wave you over. This is definitely the most polite city I've driven in so I'm calling B.S.

Here is the method to the madness to per Insurify as seen on ktvb. According to the study, rates of tailgating in the Gem State are "incredibly high," coming in at nearly five times the national average. Idaho drivers are 2.07% more likely than average to fail to yield the right-of-way to another driver, and 2.6% more likely to fail to yield to a pedestrian.

Idaho was beaten out for the top spot by Virginia, where the study found that the rate of hit-and-run crashes is more than double the national average.

The top ten states for rudest driving are listed below:

10. Wisconsin

9. Hawaii 

8. Iowa

7. Delaware

6. Ohio

5. Georgia

4. New York

3. Wyoming

2. Idaho

1. Virginia


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